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, a possibility, in which chemical weapons, they can have devastating effects, could be directed at us. and we want to make sure that that does not happen. >> if he can make the case, congressional lawmaker, say the president still needs their okay. in a letter signed by more than 100 lawmaker, they argued that, quote, engaging without prior congressional authorization wouldconstitution. 18 democrats added their signature, to that letter and got support today from a democratic senator, tim kaine. >> there are some circumstances where presidents to defend the nation or to avoid a catastrophe can act prior to getting congressional approval but getting congressional approval is, in my view, required. >> british lawmakers are pumping the brakes as well. the prime minister has agreed to wait for their findings before deciding on the next step. parliament will hold two votes before any military action is taken by the uk. the u.n. team is now on its third day of inspections in syria. they will do one more tomorrow and be out by saturday. they will report their findings as soon as they are out. obama
of international law. three, ongoing consultation with u.s. allies, u.n., nato and arab league. it was clear from kerry's tone a military strike was coming. he called the images from syria gut wawrinkaing, secretary hagel said u.s. forces are ready to strike syria now if the president ordered that to be. >> suffice to say, the options are there. the united states department of defense is ready to carry out those options. if that would occur, that would occur also in coordination with our international partners. >> if it comes, you're ready to go like that. >> we're ready to go like that. >> by the way, the decision to do an interview with the bbc knowing it's going to be seen in europe and around the world, that also part of this lead up and part of this messaging by the obama administration. officials tell nbc news a strike is likely to consist of cruise missiles launched from four warships and two submarines in the mediterranean targeting regime command and control bunkers, artillery and airfield but not the chemical stockpiles which the pentagon considers too risky and not assad himself. altho
chatter. the startling details about the terror threat that has u.s. officials ordering more than a dozen embassies across the globe closed now till at least this saturday. has the heightened alert thwarted the terror plot or are u.s. officials buying more time to try and smoke the bad guys out? next u, cairo, amid the terror threat, senators head to egypt to try to broker an end to the standoff between military leaders and morsi supporters. how will the republican hawks try to end the intensifying political crisis in that country? and battle in the bluegrass state. senator mitch mcconnell meets his challengers on the left and the right but saves most of his fodder for president obama. good morning from washington. it's august 5th, 2013. this is the "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. loaf the no traffic in d.c. but it doesn't mean we're not very busy. first reads of the morning. global terror threat. officials warning they've intercepted a high volume of chatter that indicates a major attack may be in the works, likely in the hands of aqap, known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, offici
. extremely high threat level. that's how the state department is describing the situation in yemen. all u.s. citizens are being ordered to evacuate immediately. we'll have the latest on developing reaction to potential dangers across the middle east and africa at the start of the show. with another major star suspended for using performance enhancing drugs, what's the future look like for american pastime. hear what former negro league had to say. they happened to be at the white house. it was a coincidence but strong opinions about a-rod. >>> former senator causing conservatives a conundrum or two as he pushes republican party leaders on key issues like health care and putting some colleagues in tough spots. >> good morning from washington, d.c. it's tuesday, august 6th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." now, here is chuck todd. >> thank you to the harvard institute of politics and d.c. summer interns from the iop there for sending that in. keep it coming. it's very familiar backdrop you have there. tuesday, august 6th. lets get to my first reads of the morning. the state department has o
still to be done. meantime, the u.s. and the world allies let syria know that chemical attacks will not be tolerated. we'll get the latest on what kind of military strike could punish assad without somehow swaying the country's civil war. those realities weigh heavily on president obama today when he marks the dream anniversary, honoring the legacy of nonviolence on the eve of an expected u.s.-led military strike. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, august 28th, 2013. this "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. let's get right to the first reads of the morning. today is the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. of course dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech before a crowd of a quarter million people in washington and millions more on television watched on that 1963 day. his remarks galvanized the civil rights movement. president obama called it one of the five greatest speeches in american history. >> when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city. we will be able to speed up that day with all of god's child
than he like us and he cares about them more than he cares about us. >> there's no doubt. you just wonder where he learned values like that from. >> whatever. to each their own. beautiful girls. >> who's that? >> cajun. >> cajun? >> i just wanted -- >> okay, let's just wrap it up now. >> just so you know, is chuck gone? chuck todd's picture. we've got pictures all down the hall of all the nbc -- >> yeah, they're gone. >> they've ripped chuck todd's down. now, stick around for peter alexander and "the daily rundown." thanks for watching. >>> hawkeyes on it is prize. sure, it may still be like something 77 days till the caucus but it feels like 2016 in iowa as republicans rev up the base with red meat rhetoric. democrats decide whether some things are inevitable. a little later today, a major announcement coming from attorney general eric holder on drug sentencing policies here in the u.s. it could have a big effect on who goes to jail and for how long. we'll have the latest on that. it is also election eve in new jersey. front-runner corey booker appears to be coasting to a seat in
. can you tell us the latest from cairo? >> that's right, chris, in just the last hour or so, protesters, supporters of the ousted president and the muslim brotherhood have actually begun some of those marches you were referring to. one of those marches has actually reached the government building here, near the capital, cairo. it is in a district called giza, one of the major metro areas. there, dozens of protesters attacked the governor's office. they used molotov cocktails and set the building on fire. we understand fire trucks trying to get to the scene were block from doing so by the protesters. hundreds of employees in the building itself have been evacuated. police are using tear gas to push back protesters. these are initial reports but it does highlight the volatility of what is unfolding here. where supporters of the muslim brotherhood are continuing their protest despite the crackdown that took place yesterday on those two major squares that you were talking about. so a tense situation. keep in mind that the country is under emergency law. that effectively means that no public
this weekend, whether it was saturday's meeting with his national security team or round of phone calls to u.s. allies suggest it's less a question of if than when. options on the table include cruise missile strikes from navy destroyers and submarines in the mediterranean. bombs could be launched from u.s. fighter jets without actually entering syrian airspace. targeting syrian command and control or airfields from which chemical attacks could be launched. today, u.n. chemical weapons experts begin their inspection of the suburban damascus towns where doctors without borders estimate that at least 355 people were killed and more than 3,600 injured by a chemical attack last week. the u.n. spokesman says the inspectors were deliberately shot at multiple times as they proceeded with the inspection. though the syrian government finally did allow inspectors access after stone walling for days. u.s. officials quickly dismissed the officiaer, saying at this p no one in the international community is doubting chemical weapons were used and they were used by assad and that five days of relentless shel
military exercise. is there more the u.s. will do to stop the violence? plus, some new names headlining in the hawkeye state talk this weekend. but the spotlight still belongs to the superstars on each side. and another surprise headline on what the nsa is up to. an internal review shows the intel outfit broke its own rule thousands times. good morning from washington. it's friday, august 16th, 2013. and this is "the daily rundown." we're watching developing news out of egypt. the country bracing for more bloodshed today. tens of thousands of muslim brotherhood members and their supports are responding to calls for a day of rage. pouring into the streets to protest this week's brutal government crackdown. we're watching crowds demonstrators crossing a bridge through cairo. most likely trying to make its way to the square where morsi supporters are gathering. in direct defiance to the state of emergency. the army has been giving the green light to use live ammunition against the protesters. troops have been deployed to guard police and state buildings. they've set up road blocks at key j
for watching us this week. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around because "the fix" is next. have a great labor day weekend. roll tide. >>> one big ally opts out. after parliament shoots down the uk supporting a strike on syria, prime minister cameron says he will act accordingly. president obama's team is pushing forward. back here at home, top administration officials urged congress to back military action against the assad regime. we'll talk to two top senators about the case for action. and while syria takes center stage for the white house, behind the scenes, they're prepping a previous president's push on health care. can bill clinton rally skeptic and a ton of twentysomethings to sign up in october? good morning, it's friday, august 30th, 2013. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck eliza in for chuck todd today. we begin with syria. whether president obama is willing to go it alone. as he moves closer to a decision about whether to launch air strikes in retaliation for last week's chemical weapons attack, support for that action may be waning. on thursday, protesters m
the federal courthouse here in washington, d.c. and cory booker cruising to the democratic nomination for u.s. senate in new jersey. just 9% of the state turned out to vote. that's right. single digits. but actually beat some expectations. we will crunch the numbers. >> good morning from minnesota's largest county fair. today is wednesday, august 14th, 2013. now, here's "the daily rundown." >> the 4-h group from minnesota. remember, head to rundown.msnbc.com. august is a good month to do it. we want to get to this morning's breaking news. chaotic scenes across cairo after security forces backed by bulldozers and helicopters launched raids to clear thousands of supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi from protest camps. egyptian police and soldiers used tear gas to break up the camps. while morsi supporters have fought back with stones. they've set up barricades in the streets. government buildings and police stations have been set on fire there. the heaviest fighting is largely in the capital. clashes have broke out in other cities as well. the official death toll is said to be about 56.
the cold war isn't back but it's clear the relationship between the u.s. and russia is getting a bit frosty. the news that president obama will not meet vladimir putin in moscow next month represent ace new low in this combative back and forth over issues from trade to adoption to syria and iran, missile defense, and it's been building pretty much ever since putin got back into the presidential seat. it was russia's refusal to extradite nsa leaker snowden even after persistent appeals, including personal phone calls from obama to putin, that was the last straw. the president showed his press traction on "the tonight show" earlier this week. >> there are times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is, that's the past. >> russian officials say they are disappointed by the decision to cancel the meeting. a top foreign policy adviser to putin blamed obama. saying, quote, this very problem underlines the fact the united states is still not ready to build relations on an equal basis. the president wil
. with serious charges of chemical weapons used in syria and violence on the streets of cairo, is the obama administration running out of options to have some influence in the region? more revelations from the national security agency about just how much information they gobbled up. and why even the judges approving it started to raise eyebrows. plus, it's pack mania. find out why all of these leading lawmakers have in common. with an ever growing list of colleagues, they're rewriting the way that politics is played and possibly destroying the whole function of what political parties do anymore. >>> good morning from washington. it's thursday, august 22nd, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. my first reads of the morning. is the arab spring officially coming to an end? did the auto kraatz and dictators win? may sound like a drastic conclusion. let's look at the facts as they are today. an egyptian court has ordered the release of former strongman hosni mubarak whose toppling 2 1/2 years ago perhaps the number one signal of the arab spring. mohamed morsi, egypt's first democra
alexander, in for chuck todd. thanks to those folks for going that high to send us a greeting. 14,000 feet, i think that is a personal high for the broadcast. we begin with big changes in the way police identify potential suspects and how certainly criminals are treated once they are arrested. monday a u.s. district judge struck down the stop and frisk tactics employed by new york city police, a decision that could have implications far beyond the city. the judge called it indirect racial profiling she said violated the constitutional rights of minorities who were stopped by police more often than whites. the judge called for reforms in policy, for training and supervision, but also stopped short of ordering an end to that practice. nonetheless, really a shot across the bow of nypd and cities across the country that employ similar tactics. new york city mayor bloomberg lashed out at the judge calling the decision dangerous and insisting no changes were eminent. the city's top cop, ray kelly, said the ruling was simply unfair. >> what i find most disturbing and offensive about this decision
. as president obama faces calls for the u.s. to do more and possibly cut off aid to a one-time ally. >>> plus with still 800 days till the iowa caucuses, are they positioning too early? we'll talk about that. >>> and a deep dive today. back nearly 30 years ago to the republican convention that cemented reagan's legacy and what today's gop can learn from it. good morning from washington. it's monday, august 19, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads the morning. egyptian officials say at least 24 policeman were killed in an ambush-style attack near raffa on the gaza border. according to egyptian security force, armed men stoppeded two buses carrying off-duty police, forced the passengers to get out, before shooting them execution-style. more than 900 people are reported to have been killed since wednesday when the interim egyptian government began a bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. on sunday, the egyptian government confirmed security forces had killed 36 islamists while they were being transferred to a prison north
sorry, honey. >>> exciting news. t.j. told us there were two rescue dogs in an undisclosed location that needed saving but would only be saved if nicolle got 1500 twitter followers. i thought this was terrible and cruel. that's a picture of wn of the rescue dogs. she's at 1577, the dogs live. >> which is so great, because i love dogs. >> why don't you tweet about it. >> i will if you show me where the button is. >> okay. hang on. >> dr. nancy wrote one, joe wrote the other. >> hold on one second. hold on here. i'm sure chuck won't mind. okay. hold on one second. i'm going to tweet this for you. okay. very good. chuck todd, we're really sorry. we'll see you tomorrow. the dogs live, though. you saved the dog's live. there is a rescue cat in hoboken, we really need to get to 5,000 by the end of the day. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >>> an epic 55 seconds. egypt arrest the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader, a move that could shake up the situation, the ousted president in jail and predecessor may be set free. ted cruz tries to lead republicans in a deflating drive. his canadian connect
. >>> overnight on the terror threats in the wake of u.s. evacuations. yemen's leaders say they have stopped an al qaeda plot. and president obama sits down with jay leno to offer his thoughts. meanwhile, in new hampshire, mitt romney had some tough talk for republicans that are shouting for a shutdown. he tells granite staters they should line up between one or two candidates who can actually win. in today's deep dive, meet the new leader of iran. no fan of his predecessor. after a glimer of hope, now it sounds like it might be more familiar rhetoric. we'll go live to tehran for more. >> it's august 7, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." >> thank you to lexi from lexington north carolina for sending that to us. send in your morning greeting and get on television. now my first reads of the morning. yemen says it's foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines. the claim just after the president in his first public comments on the al qaeda threat that has locked down nearly 20 diplomatic posts around the world defended the magnitude of the u.s. response when he sat down with jay leno on "the toni
canadian citizenship so i thought that was the end. as a u.s. senator, i think it's appropriate that i be only american. >> by the way, cruz can't simply renounce this canadian citizenship with a statement. he has to fill out a form and pay $100, according to the canadian government. tea party limits on display in kentucky where senator mcconnell has been hitting his primary opponent for once claiming he graduated from m.i.t. school officials have said the seminar he attended is not affiliated with the university. senator lamar alexander got a tea party challenge from state representative joe carr. >> i got with my family, i got with my god and i got with my friends and i said what do we need to do here? are we hear something in our message in the fourth district that has broader appeal in the state of tennessee? and without question, without reservation, and without equivocation, the answer was a resounding yes. >> well, that resounding yes didn't extend to his campaign director. the man who had run his campaign for the house rushed out a statement resigning and backing alexander and
. through grainy film and archive photos. but for each of us, those four words, "i have a dream," have a different and special renaissanreno sans. since then, every political protest in this country has borrowed from what the leaders of the march on washington for jobs and freedom were able to achieve. tomorrow, thousands will retrace their steps. next week, president obama will mark the 50th anniversary of the march with a speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. it was not just the tumult of the '60s. in may of 1963, bolt conner had ordered police to use fire hoses and attack dogs on children who joined in civil rights protests in birmingham, alabama. governor george wallace stood at the door of foster auditorium at the university of alabama to block two black students, vivian malone and james hood, from enrolling at the school. civil rights activist met ger evers had been killed that summer. when a group of civil rights leaders led by a. phillip randolph wanted to march on washington, president kennedy was weary and urged them to call it off. the group of six believed the march
. thanks for watching us. >>> departure lines ahead of a working vacation, amid a growing pile of international issues and domestic drama over health care and the budget. president obama gets set to talk to the press later today. we'll look at the big picture. with the cabinet secretary, u.n. ambassador and just foreign policy veteran bill richardson. just four days remain till new jersey democrats decide whether corey booker does head to the united states senate or not. >>> and then a deep dive into the sky with air force one. we're going behind the scenes to the famous presidential plane. and finding out why the first plane to get that call sign is rusting away in an arizona desert. >> good morning from des moines, iowa. i'm luke casey, host of "good night iowa." it's friday, august 9th, 2013, the first day of the iowa state fair and the unofficial kickoff of the 2016 iowa caucuses. this is "the daily rundown" and here's chuck todd. >> mm, fried butter. thank you, luke. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. president obama will try to get last words in this aftern
. before we get to that an i wa, o go to this story about what's going on with the u.s. embassies overseas. the u.s. state department announced it will close more than a dozen key embassies located harmly in the middle east and north africa, some central asian countries as well, on sunday, a day which is normally the start of the workweek in the region. officials say the closings are in response to terror threats directed at american targets overseas. nbc analyst michael leiter weighed in on this morning on the "today" show. >> they have something incredible. in light of benghazi, the state department is going to be extra careful. >> joining me, nbc news justice and homeland security correspondent pete williams. pete, it seems they're making this broad shutdown. does that mean they don't have a specific threat or is this to keep their sources confidential? >> no, it means they don't know -- they know of the timing but they don't know the place. they don't know enough about it. although any is sort of a vague warning there's going to be some kind of attack on american compounds overseas. we
budget fights. their words say one thing but actions tell us another story. that tension played out in the house yesterday. a basic domestic agency funding bill landed with a thud. there's a reason we're using that word, t-hud, if you will. the president reassured them he will not be rolled by republicans when it comes to the negotiations over the debt ceiling. if they demand concessions, he won't back down, he says. >> he made it very clear that he was not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. we have got to stop lurching from crisis to crisis, in his words and in our words. >> the president made it very clear that while he was prepared to work with our republican colleagues, he was not prepared to put at risk the credit worthiness of the united states of america and i think all of our caucus on that clapped. >> republicans say that line in the sand is a nonstarter. paul ryan spoke last night on fox about it. >> we're not going to give the president an empty -- a blank credit card. we're going to insist on real debt reduction and economic growth policies as we get to these phys
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